M. Todd Whaley

Todd took interest in guitar building when in the early 90s he was studying patents and came upon several fascinating turn of the century musical inventions. This led him to further study and research. Then, in 2002 he quit his remodeling and historic restoration job of 10 years to build some of these instruments.

After building a couple of guitars under the direction of Sasha Radicic at European Lutherie School, Todd built his shop and went to work. 

Whaley Musical Instruments are of ethnic and historic influence. They have been described as organic, earthy and a natural beauty. They are made from exotic and domestic woods, metals, mineral stones, found objects, and some foreign materials.


French polishing a Dyer style harp guitar. French polishing allows the instrument to breath. This gives the instrument a superior sound to a lacquer finish. 


Fitting the back.

 The "flat" back is actually domed considerably for structure and acoustics.


Bending the side of a parlor guitar. This particular guitar's side is a single piece. A typical guitar's sides are two pieces.